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We purchased our 1949 Ford 8N, Eleanor, in 2006.  On our farm, Eleanor is used daily for livestock chores as well as occasional mowing, and raising beds and light tillage in the fruit and vegetable garden.  More photos of Eleanor can be found here.

We love our Fords.  Especially our old Ford tractors.  They are easy to maintain and operate, have a wide variety of farm implements we can use with them, and are the right physical size for our small farm.  They're also beautiful machines that are emblematic of American design and engineering ingenuity.

Since the early 2000s, Colin has been a member and contributor of the Yesterday's Tractors online community.  The community is dedicated to preserving the legacy of vintage agricultural equipment.  Colin contributes to both the Ford N forum and the Ford forum.


For more information about vintage agricultural equipment, and especially Ford tractors, check out these great online resources.

This is our incredibly hard working 1994 Ford Ranger with the 4.0L Cologne V6 engine.  Shown here with the box and cover to haul sheep.

Otis, so named by Thomas after the trusty tractor in Loren Long's series of children's books, is a 1958 Ford 961 diesel narrow front row crop.  We purchased Otis in the spring of 2013 to fill a growing need for a larger tractor.  Otis is mainly used for baling hay, loading manure, clearing snow, and pulling heavy loads.  Here, Otis is shown pulling a 1952 John Deere Van Brunt grain drill.  More photos of Otis can be found here.

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