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Sheep play a really important role in restoring the soil biology and species diversity on our farm.  We use a method of grazing called high density management intensive grazing (MiG).  Sheep are moved at least once a day to an ungrazed paddock, which reduces over-grazing and leaves a wealth of nutrients behind, in the form of trampled forage and manure.  These nutrients are then recycled by micro-organisms that build soil and sequester carbon.  2018 research from Michigan State University found that MiG sequesters as much as 3 tons per acre of CO2 into the soil!


Since using MiG grazing, we’ve seen an explosion of life in our pasture that includes at least three  species of frog, the return of the ground nesting bobolink, and salamanders are now commonly spotted. 


After grazing a paddock, we wait a minimum of 30 days before we graze the same paddock again.  A pasture rest period nearly eliminates the need for veterinary pharmaceuticals.  MiG is an highly efficient way to use our farm land and improves soil and livestock health while bringing a gourmet product to your table.

Lamb is a cornerstone of some of the world's best cuisine. It's delicious and easy to prepare (check out our recipe section).  Buying whole or half a lamb also makes this gourmet meat very affordable.


Grass fed lamb is also good for the land.  Raising pasture based meats reduces our carbon footprint, which helps in the fight against climate change.  Our lambs are grass fed from weaning in early June to slaughter in the late fall.

2024 Pricing

Individual Cuts:

-Ground              $9.99/lb

-Stew meat         $13.99/lb

-Loin Chops        $19.99/lb

-Shoulder Roast  $13.99/lb

-Rack of Lamb     $19.99/lb

-Shoulder Chops  $13.99/lb

-Sirloin Chops      $12.99/lb

-Rib Chops          $19.99/lb

-Leg of lamb        $9.99/lb

-Leg, boneless    $12.99/lb

-Kebab meat       $12.99/lb

-Shanks              $9.99/lb

-Liver                  $3.00/lb

-Kidneys             $3.00/lb

Whole & Half Lamb:

-Whole lamb $384.00*

  approximately 30lbs of meat


-Half a lamb $205.00*

  approximately 15lbs of meat

*Price includes butchering and delivery.  Product is cut, wrapped, and frozen.

Want to butcher your own lamb?  We will help you pick out a lamb and we can provide you with a place to work with access to running water and electricity.

We offer special seasonal pricing for farm pickup of our lambs, which are born in March.  Our prices are based on age, not weight.  We have a limited number of January and February lambs.  Please ask us about pricing and availability.

June      $130.00   July            $135.00   

August   $160.00   September $185.00

October $220.00   November   $225.00   December $235.00

Sheep and chickens share pasture in the apple orchard.  It is also not unusual to see the sheep grazing cover crops in the vegetable garden.  Cover crop grazing helps to build nutrients in the garden.

Colin visits the flocks (chickens are in the far background).

Lambs Fox Hollow.JPG
Lambs Ash Paddock.JPG
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