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Our CSA deliveries may include the following produce*:


•Apples (State Fair, Hazen)

•Bell peppers







•Green beans

•Green Cabbage
•Herbs (oregano, dill, basil,   parsley, & sage)

•Hot Peppers



•New potatoes


•Sweet Corn




•Apples (Haralson,
 Sweet 16)

•Beets (red, golden,      



•Pie pumpkins


•Red cabbage

•Decorative gourds
•Winter squash    (buttercup, butternut,  

  acorn, delicata, sweet 
  dumpling, spaghetti)

*Expect some variation due to growing conditions and harvest times.

Our CSA provides pesticide-free fruits and vegetables starting in late June on through to the fall frost and the harvest of our winter vegetables. We will deliver to you fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are in season at the time of each delivery. For added convenience, we deliver direct to your home - just like the milkman of yester-year.

2022 Pricing

•1/4 share (4 deliveries, once per month June-Sept) $155.00
•1/2 share (Delivery every-other week, July-fall frost) $304.00

What Size is Right for You?:

A 1/4 share is a good size to supplement a small garden you may have and for folks looking for seasonal sampling of fresh produce.


A 1/2 share is a good size for 2 adults or a family with young children.

We currently serve the following communities: Long Prairie, Sauk Centre, Browerville, Clarissa, Eagle Bend, and Alexandria.  If you don't live in one of these communities, let us know.  Maybe we can work something out.

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