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Our pastured chicken is how chicken used to be: rich and flavorful.  One chicken provides many servings.  And don’t forget to make the soup stock!
Morning chore time: the tractor carries feed and fresh water.  
The sheep have already grazed here.  The chickens clean up the pasture and add additional fertility to our soil.

Our pastured chickens are in some ways the work horses of the farm.  They clean up the pastures of unwanted insects such as grasshoppers, wood ticks, and flies, as well as weed seeds, while leaving behind rich nutrients.  Those nutrients create a soil that hosts many types of flowering grasses and plants that provide food for the sheep and pollinators.  Those pollinators then work our fruits and vegetables which show up in our CSA!  And then there is our honey.

We raise our chickens on a GMO-free feed purchased from Luxemberg Feed Service in Stearns County.  We believe that our birds are healthier when fed GMO-free feed and that we are healthier, as a result, when we eat our chickens.

2019 Pricing

-Broiler                  $3.09/lb -Fryer (4lbs or under)    $12.25/ea


The finished product: Fresh chicken vacuum sealed prior to freezing.
Chicks are moved onto pasture 14 days after hatching.

We call our chicken pens “Practically Perfect Pastured Poultry Pens,”  or “P-Fives.”  Each pen is home to about 15 birds.  Pens are moved one pen-length forward every day.  By the time the chickens are ready for butchering, we will have moved them close to 400 feet from their starting point in the pasture.

Interested in learning more about the principles behind pastured poultry?  Check out the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association.  

Rhett Rooster Says:
Eat more pastured poultry

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